Inmarsat to introduce L-TAC L-band service for government users

British satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat made a recent announcement that the company will be extending its mobile tactical Beyond-Line-of-Sight (BLOS) communications to a wider range of new government users by taking advantage of the capabilities of Inmarsat’s L-band satellites.

The company is planning to launch L-TAC — a new L-band service aiming to provide ‘UHF-like’ tactical satellite capability for use with existing UHF tactical radios for approved government customers at a competitive price. The capability of the UHF tactical satellite is of high demand by government customers due to its suitability to create Beyond-Line-of-Sight, Push-to-Talk networks via tactical radios — either man portable or integrated in vehicles, helicopters, ships or other mobile platforms.

Inmarsat’s new service will help complement and expand the existing UHF tactical capacity of the company by using its Inmarsat-4 constellation of satellites. The constellations delivers this capability all over the world, at the same time supporting small antennas for BLOS communications on the move.

The British company also collaborated with Spectra Group to develop the Slingshot adaptor — a small antenna that takes the place of the existing UHF antenna on existing tactical military radios. Along with Slingshot, the L-TAC leased service of Inmarsat will enable users to lease the service for a fixed period of time, as short as one month.

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